Last February Jisc published a report looking at how technology may help address some pressing issues and make the most of opportunities to rethink how assessment is done at universities and colleges.

The report makes the case for embracing ways of assessing learning that are more authentic, accessible, appropriately automated, continuous and secure.

  • Authentic: Assessments designed to prepare students for what they do next, using technology they will use in their careers
  • Accessible: Assessments designed with an accessibility-first principle
  • Appropriately automated: A balance found of automated and human marking to deliver maximum benefit to students
  • Continuous: Assessment data used to explore opportunities for continuous assessment to improve the learning experience
  • Secure: Authoring detection and biometric authentication adopted for identification and remote proctoring


You can download the full report from Jisc’s website: The future of assessment: five principles, five targets for 2025