Amanda Black

Hi, I’m looking forward to facilitating the Blue Team.  I’m a Learning Technology Manager at Coventry (what’s one of those?  Good question – think of it as a translator, communicator and educator sitting between the tech applications and the learning).  Assessment has been an area of real interest for many years – 15 years ago or so, I researched and wrote policy guidance on e-assessment and e-portfolios, and a few years later, squawling babe in arms, I co-wrote a consultancy research project on m-assessment which I’ve been trying to find so I can share it.  It’s an idea whose time has finally come.  Group assessment is always complex – managing the group dynamics as well as providing authentic stretch learning goals.  In other lives, I’m interested in the disaggregation of data to provide insights into how different groups – genders and cultures –  perceive, use and harness technology.  And I shout a bit about unconscious bias in algorithms.  Whatever we do with digital pedagogies and tech, we need to be mindful of who is designing and controlling the spaces.

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  1. Amanda, I see that you’ve: “I researched and wrote policy guidance on e-assessment and e-portfolios…”

    Can you share this with us/me?


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